Grand GIS Event 2022 : ESRI User Conference

esri user conference
July 11–15, 2022 | San Diego Convention Center | San Diego, California

ESRI User Conference is the largest event around the globe for GIS Users. It can be a great opportunity for learners and those who love networking with same minded people.

Every year, this conference is organized in San Diego. San Diego is America’s finest city, located in  the U.S state of California on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

In simple words, this is an event for GIS enthusiasts and business players in the Spatial industry. This is a five day event for People who love to share their knowledge. And they are looking for tons of knowledge to fulfill their thirst for GIS knowledge.

Companies can nominate and subsidize their employees to visit UC. It can play a good role for capacity building in a company.

This event runs five days of week. Anyway ESRI UC preconference Seminar starts 2 days early. You can say that Sat 9 July to Fri 15, July, span of UC.

Most importantly, I would like to recommend the investors and entrepreneurs to visit UC conference 2022? 

According to Imrac , Geospatial Market Analytics. The IMARC group interprets the global geospatial analytics market to reach US$ 174.2 B by 2027. In short, the report is reflecting a CAGR of 14.44% during 2022-2027. These insights include the major contributors in the geospatial market.

Four components of User Conference

  • Plenary Sessions
  • Specialized Trainings
  • Engage with Sponsors and Exhibitors
  • Network with your peers

Plenary Sessions

In these plenary sessions, the CEO of ESRI Jack Dangermond will share his vision, including other experts. The industry big minds will share how the geospatial industry is moving on.

As a result, you will inspire about the latest technology in the market, moreover able to meet with experts in those technologies.

Specialized Trainings on ESRI latest Technologies

Likewise, another part of UC is specialize technical trainings. You can grab a seat for any available specialized training by experts on demand.

Meet with Exhibitors and Sponsors

You have a chance to meet sponsor business heads and ask deep questions to them.

There will be exhibitions for latest products and services with main teams. Here you can observe the companies how they are impacting the Spatial industry. You will see how GIS products and services our addressing global problems.

Network with your peers

Best part of this conference is you meet with people of the same mind as people in your industry.

People share their experiences. And give free advice on your problems on the basis of your experiences.

Some members come with specified goals in user conferences. In the same vein problems in their offices. Some are looking for better job opportunities. And others are looking for angel investors for their latest developed products.

However, last type of people are rare but this trend is building up from the last few years.

Yoga Every Morning

Best thing is every morning you start your day with yoga and feeling focused throughout the day.

Each yoga class will consist of gentle and warming poses. The purpose of yogis will enable your control on breath and awareness of the present.

Class ends with a relaxing and meditative Savasana pose. That is to say, these yoga classes are apt for both new and habitual yoga doers.

List of some important Technical workshops 2022

  • Python: Beyond the Basics of
  • ArcGIS Insights: Data Analysis, Visualization and Science
  • Modernize Your ArcGIS Web AppBuilder Apps Using Experience Builder
  • ArcGIS: Managing Defense Installations
  • ArcGIS Solutions: Local and State Government

List of some interesting user presentations 2022

  • GI Science – Transactions in GIS
  • Using GIS to Protect Indigenous Cultural Sovereignty
  • Flooding Applications Using ArcGIS
  • Enhancing the Voting Experience
  • Transforming Data Management and Analysis to Make Sustainable Planning Decisions

How to take part in UC?

There are three options for visitors to take part in the User Conference.

  1. Submit any kind of Map that resolves any problem or tells a story.
  2. If you are a photographer, this is an opportunity to show your  shots to nature loving geographers. Submit your images and take part.
  3. Companies can book their stalls to showcase their achievements in spatial industry. Even you can display proposed technologies for pre launch user experience.

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