How to add basemap in Qgis?

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Basemap is a great reference map, it contains large amount of geographic scale data on different scales. Mapping people use to overlay their data to find more information around their Area of interest. One basemap can be consist of many features, Raster Satellite Images, and as well as web services like WMS, WCS and WFS. How to add basemap in QGIS using 6 simple steps…

  1. Click Plugins in Menu
  2. Manage and Install Plugin…
  3. Search OpenLayers Plugin
  4. After Install Plugin go to Web Menu
  5. Find openlayer Plugin
  6. Select any map like Google Maps, Bing Maps, OSM or Apple Maps
Click Plugins in Menu
Open Layers Plugin Installation
Go to Web in Menu and click on Open Layer and Plugins
Select your required Basemap

What is Basemap in QGIS?

Basemap is normally a reference layer or layers prepared with time. In QGIS , it is offering through multiple web services such as : TMS, WMS, WMTS, ESRI Arcgis Services, WFS, WCS inform of tiles.

How do I add a Bing map to QGIS?

This is same procedure we discuss in upper section. At Step 6, select Bing basemap as your selected layer.

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