5 Top Programming Languages 2022 for GIS Developers


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Programming Languages to learn 2022.

GIS developer is a programmer who designs and develops Geographical Information Systems. Who understand the client requirements and system design. She understands all end of programs related to GIS Application. So, we can say that a GIS developer is a full stack developer. Developer must be well aware about the whole system. In this article, we are sharing a list of top programming languages for GIS developers. The selection criteria is usability. Top Programming Languages to learn 2022.
The selection of one programming language for GIS developers is a difficult task. It depends on many factors such as:

  • What kind of application are you going to build desktop or Mobile ?
  • Compatibility with available GIS Applications and Databases
  • Speed and Resources usability
  • Community and Support
  • Elasticity of Language
  • Development Time and productivity
  • Above all the targeted platform on which this application will run

Top Programming Languages in 2022 for GIS Developers

  1. Python
  2. JavaScript
  3. SQL
  4. HTML5 and CSS
  5. Typescript

You should learn top programming languages 2022

1. Python Python

Python is a high level language. It is easy to understand and easy to code. There are many reasons to learn Python for GIS Programmers, few of them are mentioning below.

  1. Fast Development
  2. OOP Becomes Easier in Python
  3. GIS enrich Standard Libraries
  4. Uses in Machine Learning and AI
  5. Can be use on frontend and backend both
  6. Easy to learn, read and write
  7. Interpreted Language
  8. Free and Open Source
  9. Community Support

Where Python can be used in GIS?

  • GIS Software Applications such as ArcGIS and QGIS
  • For tabular Analysis by using Geopandas
  • It uses for Geo formats conversion
  • Python uses in raster and image data processing automation
  • For spatial reference system by using PyProj
  • It uses in all general purpose GIS tasks, such as map printing, small customized tools creation, and reports generation etc.

2. JavaScript JavaScript

JavaScript is the most used language over the internet. This is part of the browser and it is easy to learn for newbies in the Web programming world. It gives confidence to new developer. It empowers them to perform logical programming and be able to built micro web tools.
GIS developers build web mapping applications. So, we see a list of mapping libraries in the GIS world written in JS.

Why should I learn JS?

  1. JS is the most used language in web mapping libraries.
  2. It enriches mapping experience.
  3. JS used by big names in the web mapping industry [such as google maps api, OSM API, Mapbox API, Proj4js, leaflet etc.].
  4. You can use JS in both frontend and backend as well. You can build a full fledged mapping application using JS, HTML and CSS.
  5. JS gives you confidence. It helps you to build your first GIS Mapping application using JS libraries, HTML and CSS in a few lines of codes.

3. SQL – Structured Query

Language SQL

aps have become Apps. Database is the backbone of storytelling maps.

We all know that a database is the organized and safe way of storing data. The SQL empowers programmers to store and retrieve data to feed apps.

There are few following reasons to learn SQL as a GIS Developer.

  • It helps GIS developers to understand data structure and make data productive.
  • SQL helps to store, process, manipulate, combine other data and retrieve data.
  • SQL empowers data sources to calculate necessary calculations for analytical purposes.
  • Spatial SQL helps you to run spatial queries such as find light poles in a specified district.
  • SQL resolves real time problems related to our world by harnessing the data powers.

Where SQL can be used in GIS Projects?

GIS developers must be aware about the power of this simple programming language. Usually, GIS developers ignore this language due to its simplicity. There is one more reason, geeks think that it is one search away on the internet and you find the query structure. Yes, it’s right. Anyway, if we know these structures. It will help us to better manipulate data, in other words help us to make data more useful.

  • SQL is used in all GIS projects of any kind.
  • Even though you are making a choropleth map or a great web application, you will face SQL.

4. HTML5 and CSS HTML5 and CSS

HTM5 and CSS are both front end languages. It helps users to build the front end of apps. As a GIS developer, it helps you to create a full fledged mapping application front end.

Reasons to learn HTML4 and CSS as GIS developer.

  • GIS developer does not work only on the backend of the mapping application. Employers of GIS developers aspects full application from a GIS developer. On large projects, scenarios can be different.
  • HTML5 and CSS functions across all browsers.
  • Both help to create more interactive and engaging content.
  • On the basis of HTML5 and CSS, you can call yourself a beginner developer without any hesitation. It can also help you find an internship or tiny job for a fresh start in your GIS developer career.
  • Both languages are easy to understand and put in place.

Implementations of HTML5 and CSS in GIS Projects

  • All applications demand an attractive front end. So, these two languages make presentations great.
  • Both languages are used in all types of Web or mobile Applications.

5. TypeScript TypeScript

It’s also ranked fifth level in popularity among developers by Stack overflow survey.

Few reasons to learn TypeScript after learning previously mentioned languages.

  • TypeScript Built on JavaScript. As we know that JavaScript is the most used language over the internet.
  • To handle JavaScript is sometimes tricky related to bug handling. Because, TypeScript type system is the most advanced type system. By the use of Utility types you can crack even further.
  • TypeScript helps you code less for more functionality.
  • If you are a programmer and know the basics. You can learn TypeScript with any hurdles.
  • TypeScript is a loose end language, you can say everything in it is optional.
  • TypeScript is top of JavaScript and sprinkles some awesome features to add values.

Where TypeScript is used in GIS projects?

  • Modern GIS developers use TypeScript instead of JavaScript for APIs and Mapping Applications.
  • You can use TypeScript over JavaScript anywhere you want.

Final Thoughts:

After reading this article, most GIS developers will say we know a few of them but we are not getting work in it. Or We don’t know where to start.

To cover long distances, it is necessary to take the first step. It is better to have a bad plan instead of no plan. I would recommend making a 12 week plan for each language and follow this plan thoroughly. That’s it.

Learn each day even one single concept. Make small projects first for testing. These projects will give you victory and confidence. Then do large scale projects with teams. Teams make people great and projects greater.

PS: You are most welcome, if you have any suggestions related to 5 top programming languages 2022. We can add or remove any programming language on the basis of good suggestions or experience for new bees.

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